Friday, 22 July 2011


ohh .
his eyes his eyes .
make the stars .
look like theyre not shinnig .

his hair his hair .
falls perfectly without him trying .

he's so wonderful .
and .
I tell him everyday .

yeaah .
I know I know .
when I compliment him .
he wont believe me .

and .
it's so it's so.
sad to think .
he don't see what I see .

but everytime .
I ask him do I look okayy i say .

when I see your face .
there's not a thing.
I would change .

because youre amazing .
just the way you are .

and when you smile .
the whole world stops and stares .
for a while .

cause boy you're amazing .
just the way you are .

ohh .
you know you know you know .
I never ask you to change .
if perfects what you're searching for then just stay the same .

so don't even bother .
asking if you look .
okay you know .
i'll say .


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